• Excellent presentation of your application.

    Our company makes video trailers and video reviews for the Android platform-based applications.PurchaseLearn More
  • Increase the application’s rating and popularity among users.

    After watching the video review, the user shall decide on download/purchase more actively.PurchaseLearn More
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Special Effects

Your video will look more professional and interesting due to modern spectacular video effects.

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Perfect screencast

Capturing video from the device screen is performed with no delays and pending. You will get the result appropriate to a modern device’s user.

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Pro audio

Sound effects and matched music will immerse the viewer into the atmosphere of your application.

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Video FeaturesWhy does my application need a video?


Instant assessment

Forget the bad reviews


Corporate identity

Create a unique style of the development studio


Increase downloads

Tell the most interesting and unique information about the application.


Shortest manual

Teach the viewer to enjoy the most challenging application in 1-2 minutes!


High resolution

Videos are recorded and edited in HD only


Popularization of the application

Improve the promotion of the application through social networks.


Increase in downloads

Quality video helps to increase significantly the application’s downloads and revenues.


Good advertising

Video about the app will be self-sufficient advertising on any resource.


Working program

The latest developments of Adobe and Sony in the field of video and sound editing are used while working on videos..



Video from YouTube – is a perfect display on any device through popular video hosting.


What Our Customers Said

  • Our small team has been collaborating with the guys from android-video.com for some time already. We’re pleased that they can do their work for a couple of days and at a very high level. Now we develop all our new apps with video trailers only. imageAndrey Sklyarov OGUREC APPS
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Latest From the Blog

Little question

Written by Super User  /  Published on Sunday, 05 October 2014

We have experienced certain hesitation to decide on well-downloaded applications. We have initially projected absolutely free implementation for them as well as income generation from YouTube advertising, but some developers have not inserted videos to the description of their programs, so we are to take just a small fee.

Thus, our team is assured to get at least a small income, while developers will be more responsible in terms of video.

Make your own video with a team of android-video.com